Randy Larson, Tax Expert

Randy Larson, Tax Expert

Randy Larson, B.Comm(Hon), Tax Expert

Expert Tax Preparer

Telephone: (604) 558-2234

Email: Larson@focused.biz

Randy Larson is an expert at preparing tax returns and providing intelligent advice to minimize current and future taxes for his clients.

He founded Focused Bookkeeping Ltd in 1996 (28 years ago) in order to provide bookkeeping and tax preparation for individuals and small businesses in Greater Vancouver, BC.

He has since worked with clients in 26 countries, helping newcomers to understand the Canadian tax system and guiding individuals leaving Canada to understand the tax implications and things they need to do.

Randy’s philosophy is to listen to clients describe their situation and ask about what their financial goals are in the future. He will then develop strategies to address missed opportunities for tax reduction on past tax returns, and propose strategies for current and future tax years.

Extensive Entrepreneurial Experience

Randy graduated in the top 2% of his class in the Business School at the University of British Columbia

He has experience in a variety of roles, including:

  • 12 years in commercial banking
  • Chief Financial Officer of 3 companies
  • President of 5 companies
  • Tax Expert in Focused Tax Strategies for the last 28 years.
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Roberta Larson, Co-Founder

Roberta Larson, Co-Founder

Roberta Larson, Senior Bookkeeper & Tax Preparer

Telephone (250) 502-8624

Email: roberta@focused.biz

Roberta is a founding shareholder of Focused Tax Strategies Ltd

Her background includes being a Legal Assistant for over 25 years for a variety of law firms. She has outstanding administrative talents, including

  • Performing bookkeeping, payroll and other filings
  • Being fastidous about organization of files and meeting deadlines
  • Excellent communication skills including listening to clients, determining their goals and solving problems
  • Puzzle solving, including identifying when a client’s books are not balance, and finding out why so that solutions can be proposed and implemented
  • She loves numbers and is a math wiz.

She has been the Lead Wine Ambassador at Road 13 Winery in Oliver BC for the last two years, following a distinguished career at other local wineries.