Expert Online Tax Preparation

We provide expert online tax preparation for individuals and businesses across Canada.

We transformed our tax preparation services to the online world a few years ago. We now serve hundreds of individuals and businesses across Canada, in the USA and in 12 other countries. This approach has been particularly successful since the COVID 19 pandemic but we initiated the transition to cloud-based tax preparation based on what tax firms in the USA had already started.

Providing safe secure online tax preparation with expert advice ensures the best possible outcomes for our clients, with more convenience and confidence that the returns are being prepared by professionals at a reasonable price, and taxpayers are comfortable that they are filing on time.

Safely meet online through Zoom

Or talk on the telephone by calling toll free 1-800-684-1972

Build Trust & Rapport

We have been working with our clients through online meetings for years. We will show you your tax return(s) as we develop them.

This has been particularly helpful during the COVID 19 pandemic:

  • More convenient because you can log in from home, your office or anywhere
  • Better access to your tax information
  • More efficient with your time

Automatic Tax Slip Downloads From CRA

With your authorization, we can download your tax slips directly from the CRA website

Our professional tax software talks directly with the CRA website

Our professional tax software will download tax slip data for one or more years, making sure that all slips are included, thereby avoiding costly penalties

We can also check for carry-forwards including tuition, capital loss carry-forwards and more … to potentially minimize your taxes this year and to facilitate tax planning for the future.

Secure Online Client Portal

You can email us your tax data or have us setup a special account with eCourier to make it easy to upload your confidential tax information

Upload confidential tax information

  • Self employment income and expense totals by category
  • Reports on investment activities, including gains & losses
  • Deductions such as child care, employment expenses, moving expenses, RRSP contributions
  • Totals for medical, dental and therapeutic expenditures, donations
  • Tax slips and tax returns from other countries where you earned income and paid taxes

Approve your tax returns digitally through DocuSign

Sign-off digitally that your tax returns are correct

We will provide you with a full digital summary of your tax return(s) BEFORE submitting them. If you agree, then you can sign off digitally through DocuSign so that we can file the return(s) electronically directly to the CRA.

  • No need to attend a physical office.
  • After we submit your tax return(s) electronically, you can expect to receive a notice of assessment within 2 weeks.
  • Express NOAs are now available if you are applying for mortgages or loan
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Online Tax Services Offered

We offer a wide range of tax preparation services and advice to individuals and businesses located across Canada and the US.

If you’re looking for a pain free tax filing experience go to Randy Larson. He’s a seasoned professional that will not only help you with your tax return, he’ll do it on the spot, in 9 minutes, with a kind smile, thoroughly,  and at the right price.

I got the peace of mind my return was accurate and also some valuable tips. And he was genuinely “on my side”.

Martin V

Randy was very knowledgeable and extremely helpful with all my questions. I have a lot of anxiety when it comes to doing anything regarding numbers and Randy made the entire process very easy. The icing on the cake- Very personable and truly cares about his clients.

Jill Monohan

Couldn’t be more pleased with my experience.  Fast, friendly and professional. Most importantly, I am provided with great peace of mind, knowing my books and tax return are accurate and up to date.

Anami V

I went to see these guys to do my personal taxes. Randy made this process very comfortable, quick, and pain free. He’s a super nice fella too! I would highly recommend them to anyone who is not comfortable doing their own tax prep. I will definitely see him again next year.

Steve H

I began using Mr. Larson’s services a couple of years ago, and am extremely pleased with the results. He has constantly been fast, very helpful, full of good advice, accurate, and a genuine pleasure to sit down with. Randy has been very helpful with answering the odd question via email during the year also- a sign that he really cares about his clients.

Previously I had another tax specialist who was also very good, but I found their prices were WAY out of line- they were charging me ‘per sheet’ for every investment slip I brought in- one year my tax return cost me almost $400. Meaning, if I had 10 different investment statements, I would get charged a fee for calculating each one into my return- pretty asinine way of charging.

i would not hesitate to highly recommend Focused Bookkeeping to anyone needing good tax representation. Highly genial fellow as well- I look forward to seeing him at tax time!

Thanks Randy- keep up the great work!

Steve M

This guy is great. He is very knowledgeable about small business and provided me with excellent advice.  He is very personable and patient and he is willing to explain things.. I am so glad I went with Focused Bookkeeping!

Sands D

I went to Randy Larsen on the recommendation of other yelpers and couldn’t have been more pleased.

Randy is friendly and personable. He took the time to thoroughly explain my tax return and answer all of my questions.

He took all the stress out of the process.

I will definitely be a repeat customer and have already referred him to friends.

Kat D

I just had a great experience with Randy! Other reviewers are absolutely right when they say he is extremely kind, friendly and professional. Taxes give me lots of anxiety and Randy’s approach put me at ease. He was very sympathetic with my less than stellar outcome (he double & triple checked the numbers were right!) and helped soften the blow. I will definitely be coming back to see Randy for all my future accounting needs.

Colleen G

I only ever had contacted one accountant, and I am glad I chose Focused Bookkeeping. Randy is very knowledgeable, non-judgemental (in terms of me not knowing a lot about what I came to him for help), very positive and on-point.

Next time I need help with anything accounting-related, I know where I will go. Thank you!

Simple V

The words tax return and wonderful don’t usually go together but in this case they do! Randy saw me without an appointment as he had a cancellation. Helped me file a return that was a little more complicated. Experienced, professional and funny! I can’t recommend highly enough. Thank you!

Lucy H

The team at Focused Bookkeeping is truly amazing! Randy is incredible knowledgeable and can help you with just about anything tax or business related. I started my own business last year and needed a ton of help with setting everything up and Randy was helpful every step of the way! I would recommend Focused Bookkeeping to anyone looking for great personal and professional service.

Jessie R