Budget 2023 introduced an annual income-tested renter’s tax credit that will give $400 to low- and moderate-income renter individuals and families with an adjusted income of $60,000 or less. Individuals and families with an adjusted income greater than $60,000 and less than $80,000 may receive a reduced amount.

You can start claiming the renter’s tax credit on the 2023 T1 Income Tax and Benefit Return when you file your personal income tax in spring 2024.

Who’s eligible for the credit

For the 2023 and subsequent tax years, you can claim the renter’s tax credit if you meet the following criteria:

  • During the year:
    • You occupied a rental unit in B.C. under a tenancy agreement, licence, sublease agreement or similar arrangement for at least six one-month periods
    • Rent was paid for that rental unit
  • On December 31 of the tax year, you were a resident of B.C. and you were:
    • 19 years of age or older, or
    • A parent, or
    • Cohabiting with a spouse or common-law partner

You cannot claim the renter’s tax credit if you:

  • Are the cohabitating spouse or common-law partner of a renter who has already claimed the credit for the tax year
  • Were confined to a prison or similar institution on December 31 of the tax year and were confined for periods totalling more than 6 months during the year
  • Were an employee of a foreign country or a family member or a servant of the employee of a foreign country
  • Die before the end of the year


Rent must be paid on the rental unit. Rent does not include amounts paid:

  • To non-arms length landlords, such as parents, siblings or relatives
  • Under a rent-to-own plan
  • By your employer for accommodation that is not required to be included in your income
  • For a campsite, moorage or manufactured home site

How much is the credit

For the 2023 tax year, the maximum renter’s tax credit you may receive is $400. The credit is reduced by 2% of the amount by which your 2023 adjusted income exceeds $60,000. The credit is reduced to zero at $80,000.

The adjusted income threshold amount of $60,000 will be indexed to inflation each year. Each year, the adjusted income threshold for this tax credit will be automatically increased based on cost-of-living increases.

Your adjusted income is the total of your net income and your spouse or common-law partner’s net income (if applicable) with certain adjustments. These adjustments are the same as those used in the calculation of adjusted family net income used for determining other tax credits. You must include your spouse or common-law partner’s net income for the year, even if they are not eligible for the credit.

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