• Step 1

    Arrange a meeting through our website at focused.biz. This can be a telephone call or an online Zoom meeting.

    During this meeting, we can

    • answer your preliminary questions and make suggestions on how to improve your tax situation.
    • download your tax documents from the CRA website (with your express approval)
    • develop the actual tax returns while we talk, by sharing our screen through Zoom
    • identify other opportunities for deductions so that you can gather additional information
  • Step 2

    Send your tax documents by mail, email or upload your tax slips and other documents through our Tax Dome client portal, ensuring complete confidentiality. Please call me at 604 558 2234 to find out how to setup a Tax Dome client portal

    We will send you an invitation to activate your Tax Folder account, after which you can:

    • easily upload one or more tax documents, worksheets or receipts to your Tax Folder account
    • view our preliminary summary of your tax return(s)
    • send messages with questions and suggestions
  • Step 3

    We will send you a preliminary summary of your tax return for your careful review

    We will need your express approval to file, which will be presented as form T183 Authorization to File.

    • You can provide an electronic signature through the document that we sent to you through Tax Dome
    • You could print, sign and upload the document through Tax Dome or by email or by mailing the form back to you.
    • After we have filed your tax return electronically on your behalf, we will send a full digital copy for your records. If you prefer, we can mail you a complete copy