• Step 1

    Arrange a meeting through our website at focused.biz. This can be a telephone call or an online Zoom meeting.

    During this meeting, we can

    • answer your preliminary questions and make suggestions on how to improve your tax situation.
    • download your tax documents from the CRA website (with your express approval)
    • develop the actual tax returns while we talk, by sharing our screen through Zoom
    • identify other opportunities for deductions so that you can gather additional information
  • Step 2

    Send your tax documents by mail, or email.

  • Step 3

    We will send you a preliminary summary of your tax return for your careful review

    We will need your express approval to file, which will be presented as form T183 Authorization to File.

    • You can provide an electronic signature through the document that we sent to you through Adobe Sign
    • After we have filed your tax return electronically on your behalf, we will send a full digital copy for your records. If you prefer, we can mail you a complete copy