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Tax Considerations When Moving Back To Your Home Country

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As Residents of Canada’s Capital move from Canada to the United States or vice versa, a multitude of unique lifestyle, immigration, financial, tax and estate planning issues must be considered. Ideally, it is best to plan or be aware of these considerations prior to the move, not afterward. In this [...]

Tips for Reducing the Tax Impact on Death

By |06/24/2022|Categories: Taxes|

You may have been putting considerable energy into saving for retirement, but what about estate planning? If you want your assets to pass through as easily as possible to your beneficiaries, it’s worth speaking to an advisor and doing some planning early on. “There are many things to consider [...]

What tax problems and risks do you need to be aware of?

By |05/26/2022|Categories: Taxes|

A tax problem can quickly become a tax emergency. Unresolved tax disputes with the CRA pose significant risks to taxpayers. The CRA has sufficient powers to collect tax debt under the various tax acts. Taxpayers facing problems such as past due tax returns, undeclared income, or outstanding tax debt could [...]

RSU Taxation

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Taxation of Restricted Stock Units (RSUs) Key points: Restricted stock units (RSUs) are a way your employer can grant you company shares. RSU’s are effectively deferred employee bonuses. When the RSU’s vest (when you’re able to sell them), you’ll receive a taxable benefit equal to the value of the [...]

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