Personal Tax Services

Focused personal tax services provide a stress-free and painless approach to tax preparation, at an affordable price

Our clients engage us to maximize the refunds and/or minimize their tax liability. Our tax team is often able to achieve refunds. However, the key is peace of mind: clients want to ensure that their tax filings done properly and are made on time so that they qualify for payments under various programs such as

  • GST Rebates;
  • Child Care Benefits (CCB);
  • Canada Workers Benefits (CWB)
  • Tuition Transfers
  • Disability Payments
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Simple to Complex Tax Services

Our team of tax experts rely on our extensive knowledge of the tax system and government programs so that we can reveal various deductions and exemptions that our clients may qualify for. Examples include:

  • Tuition receipts should be recorded in student tax returns even when they don’t have income. Even if the tuition cannot be used or transferred to their parents, it can be carried forward to be applied to reducing their taxes in the future when they do have sufficient taxable income.
  • When you start to rent out a part of your home, you are changing the use and you should understand the tax consequences
  • If you are a senior over 65, your Old Age Security payments may be clawed back (reduced) if you earn over a certain amount
  • You need to report world income and not just the income you earn in Canada. This includes taxable gains on the sale of assets, including real property, rental income, freelance (self-employment) income, and other investment income. We will show you how to present these forms of income in your Canadian tax return(s) and how to indicate taxes paid to foreign countries where there is a tax treaty

Our Clients

We prepare personal tax returns and provide tax saving advice to

  • Employees, with one or more jobs
  • Self-employed individuals
  • Landlords with rental income
  • Investors with interest & dividend income and gains and/or losses on the sale of investments
  • Individuals who have sold real property
  • Retirees with pension and other income
  • Parents with child care expenses
  • Students or past students who want to record tuition paid so that it can be claimed in the future
  • Individuals who need to catch up on past due tax returns

Catching Up on Past Due Tax Returns

Our personal tax services include catching up on tax returns from past years that haven’t been filed yet.

This is a big part of our business! We support our clients through-out the year by preparing past due tax returns. The CRA only requires taxpayers to catch up for the past ten years, but there are advantages to going back more than 10 years.

We see many situations:

  • Individuals who were unable to file their taxes due to medical issues
  • People scared about how much they might owe. In fact, most of our clients end up with refunds!
  • Taxpayers being hassled by the CRA to file delinquent taxes for one or many years
  • The CRA has arbitrarily assessed tax returns by estimating their taxable income and creating large tax liabilities with late filing penalties and accrued interest

The last two situations bother our clients, understandably.

We can help by working with each client to understand their situation, to facilitate the gathering of tax documents and making suggestions for legitimate deductions to improve their tax situation

We can also file Notices of Objection, and applications under the Voluntary Disclosures Program or the Taxpayer Relief Program. To learn more, please see our Tax Advocacy webpage

Our Online Tax Preparation Process

Online tax services

We transformed our tax services to the online world a few years ago. Our tax experts studied how taxes were done in different countries, including the USA, and chose the best possible approach for our clients in Canada. We refer to the following article by the CRA on current trends in online tax preparation

Virtual tax preparation

Our unique virtual online process has been particularly successful since the COVID 19 pandemic.

Zoom Online Meetings

We use Zoom online chats or telephone calls instead of formal meetings in our office. This improves convenience because clients can call us from the comfort of their homes, or anywhere in the world. There are fewer hassles in terms of finding and paying for parking, arranging for babysitting, or taking time off work.


It is easier for our clients to provide additional tax information when they are at home, or in front of their own computers or smart phones. This improves our ability to prepare tax returns on the spot, and we can often provide a draft tax result in a single meeting.

Screen Sharing While Preparing Tax Returns

We can show our clients our computer screens and what we are doing to prepare their tax return(s). This improves their understanding and comfort level by actually seeing the development of their tax return(s), which often leads to additional questions and answers.


$7500Per tax year
  • Retirees
  • Students with little or no income


$13500per tax year
  • Most taxpayers, with one or more jobs (T4s)
  • Simple deductions including RRSP contributions, medical expenses and donations


25000per tax year
  • Investors with capital gains and other investment income
  • Landlords with one or more rental properties

Self Employed

$35000per tax year
  • Client must have totals for income and expenses
  • Data can be provided by Excel, a desktop accounting software or an online accounting software