GST Rebates Temporarily Increased

The first of the Government of Canada’s new financial support measures took effect on November 4, 2022 with the additional one-time goods and services tax credit (GST credit) payment.

This additional one-time payment will double the GST credit for six months for those who receive it, to help make life more affordable.

GST credit recipients do not need to apply for the additional payment. It will be sent automatically by direct deposit or mailed to eligible individuals. The payment amount is calculated based on an individual’s family situation in October 2022 and on their 2021 tax and benefit return. Eligible families and individuals could receive a one-time payment up to:

  • $234 for a single person
  • $306 for married or common-law partners
  • $387 for a single parent with one child
  • $467 for a couple with two children

Individuals who currently get their GST credit payment as a lump sum will still benefit from the additional payment but may not receive it in November. Their next payment will be January 5, 2023 and will factor in the additional one-time GST credit payment.