Tax Planning
Tax Planning

Tax Planning

Focused Tax Planning is available to individuals and businesses.

It has been our experience that most individuals and businesses consider taxes to be an annual event, to be completed and put out of the way as soon as possible. However, there are often multiple opportunities to consider tax implications throughout the year. Some examples include:

  • You intend to sell a rental property, but you don’t know how much tax will be payable on the gain over your original cost
  • You are employed but you also have a small business (proprietorship) and you want to know how this affects your taxes, and perhaps that of your spouse
  • You want to know whether to buy or lease a vehicle, considering the tax implications
  • You want to know whether you should incorporate a business
  • You want to explore the best way to take remuneration from your business, in a way that minimizes both personal and business taxes

We prefer to be proactive, and encourage a robust discussion with all of our clients about how to improve their tax situation over time,

Tax Planning Topics

  • opportunities for income splitting

  • planning in advance of selling assets that may attract taxes

  • deferring taxes

  • making all legitimate deductions, properly supported with documentation