Tax Advocacy

Tax Advocacy helps our clients to communicate better with the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) with the hope of addressing concerns and resolving all issues.

There are many different situations where the CRA contacts taxpayers, which include but are not limited to the following.

Pre-assessment and post-assessment reviews.

The CRA sends a letter to the taxpayer asking for more information to substantiate the deductions and/or tax credits that were claimed. There is 30 days to respond, and if you can provide all of the required documentation, everything will be fine.

Notice of Re-Assessment.

The CRA initially issues a Notice of Assessment based on the tax return that you filed. If they later decide that there were errors, and the taxpayer has not provided documents to substantiate their claims, then the CRA will issue a Notice of Re-Assessment


The CRA will conduct an audit if the taxpayer is not responding or providing sufficient documentation, or if the CRA suspects that the taxpayer is trying to avoid or evade taxes. Avoiding taxes is serious and can lead to re-assessments, additional taxes owing and being put on their “watch list”. Tax evasion can lead to jail.

Tax Advocacy Services

We can represent you in a variety of ways:

  • Address CRA questions and requests for supporting documentation

  • File adjustments to prior year tax returns, as appropriate

  • Negotiating with the CRA re: payment plans