Past Due Tax Returns
Past Due Tax Returns

Past Due Tax Returns

We specialize in preparing and filing past due tax returns for individuals (T1) businesses (T2, GST, PST & payroll remittances).

If you have not already been contacted by the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) to file these returns, we should be able to make an application on your behalf to request waiver or reduction of some or all of the accrued interest or late filing penalties. Please call us to find out more.

Tax Returns for Employees

The Income Tax Act requires every citizen and resident to file a tax return every year, with few exceptions. This is true even if you didn’t have any income, or you don’t think you owe any taxes, or you were out of the country for part or all of the year. Every circumstance is different.

We find that most new clients that ask us to prepare past due tax returns are very pleasantly surprised because it is not uncommon to get a refund.

Not Getting Benefits Until You Have Filed?

Some clients approach us because have been told by another government body that they cannot qualify for benefits unless they bring their tax returns up-to-date. This can include Medical Services benefits, the guaranteed income supplement and other programs.

Bring your taxes up-to-date and your problems may be solved.

Tax Returns for Businesses

Whether you are self-employed, or you operate your business within a company, it is important that you bring your tax filings up-do-date.

More often than not, businesses haven’t filed their tax returns because they haven’t done their bookkeeping, namely adding up revenues and expenses by category, determining sales taxes owing, and updating balance sheet accounts like fixed assets, payables, long term liabilities and the shareholder account, considering injections and distributions. We can offer you guidance on how to do this work, or you can engage us to do this bookkeeping.

Then, we would be pleased to prepare the necessary tax filings, which includes the T2 company income tax return, the sales tax filings, and the T4s, T4As and T5s

Voluntary Filing

Depending on your circumstances, we may be able to apply for the waiver of interest and penalties if you are voluntarily bringing your tax returns up-do-date.

Pricing for Personal Tax Returns

The following pricing is intended to address the personal circumstances listed under each column. If there are additional requirements, then the pricing may be higher. All prices are subject to GST.


  • Students
  • Retirees
  • Low income


  • Employees
  • RRSP contributions
  • Medical/Donations/Transit


  • T3, T4A, T5 slips
  • Capital gains/losses
  • More deductions

US 1040

  • Straight-forward returns only
  • FBAR filings are extra
  • Coordinated with Canadian T1


  • Bookkeeping already done
  • Includes GST/PST filings
  • Bookkeeping at $75/hour
  • Randy is honest,  a great listener, and not just a head nodder.  He is very deadline focused, we know this because he accomplished everything he offered and more on time.  Even when he was not feeling well, he still completed additional work.

    Simply put, he is excellent at what he does, and moreover, he is compassionate and kind. He never made us feel judged, and was looking for the best way to accomplish our goals. He did everything in way that made us feel like we were part of the process.

    He is as interested in our goals as we are. He also helped make this financially work for us, by figuring out ways we could do some of the work.  I do not know many people who are in business that truly put a clients needs in line with their own. Randy does, and he does this in spades.  My wife and I would recommend him to anyone needing Accounting, a Tax expert, and Bookkeeping expert.  These are the areas he worked with us on.

    Not only has he found new clients we want him as a friend.

    Gnetahn Jehman
  • I went in what felt like “the end of the world problem”. I was greeted warmly and treated with a lovely smile and warm atmosphere. With in the hour the problem had been fixed, taxes filled and no tears.
    Randy was even kind enough to listen to my silly stories of how I got myself into this situation. He never looked away or minimized my feelings. I am sending at least 2 girlfriends with similar problems to him.
    I will see you next year Mr. Randy.God bless people like you.

    Jeannine Thornton
  • I had a tax issue that seemed complex and somewhat intimidating, so I met with Randy to review the relevant information. Randy was extremely patient and decent, and took all of the time necessary to make sure that I understood the situation. I left that meeting very happy – not only because the issue had been resolved, but because I knew I’d found a tax professional to whom I’d return from that point onward. This five-star rating is truly deserved.

    John Driscoll
  • Thank you very much for helping me complete my taxes. I really appreciate the help and the ease of correspondence you’ve provided. I have recommended you to many of my friends. I will be in touch with you when I receive the T4’s and additional paperwork for the year of 2017.

    Maria Albon
  • Met with Randy recently to handle my company’s taxes. He was polite, knowledgeable and was an absolute pleasure to work with. I would not hesitate in recommending his business in handling your bookkeeping and tax needs. Great job!

    Clark D’Cunha of Design Trunk
  • Randy did my tax last year. I will continue to use him – he answered my long list of questions and provided me my tax back quickly and without hassle. I definitely recommend Randy!

    James Asquith
  • Randy Larson was amazing.  He took my several years’ of receipts, metamorphosing them into several years’ worth of income tax returns, all nicely bound for filing.  As someone experiencing anxiety in filing tax returns, I found him reassuring, thorough, and very quick.  I can give Focus Bookkeeping Ltd. my heartiest recommendation and Randy my most sincere appreciation for his friendship.

    B. Mitchener
  • Friendly, knowledgeable, and efficient. Service doesn’t get much better or more personalized than this.

    Shaun M
  • Randy was Incredibly helpful and answered all of my questions patiently and thoroughly. He even helped me discover items I should have previously been claiming on my taxes that other accountants had missed. A true professional who cares for his clients. My fiancé and I will definitely be back next tax season.

    Fiona McLachlin
  • The team at Focused Bookkeeping is truly amazing! Randy is incredible knowledgeable and can help you with just about anything tax or business related. I started my own business last year and needed a ton of help with setting everything up and Randy was helpful every step of the way! I would recommend Focused Bookkeeping to anyone looking for great personal and professional service.

    Jessie Ryan
  • Randy Larson did my taxes this year along with some of my family members. Randy is truly a remarkable accountant and individual. Nothing short of professional. He always had a smile on his face and laughter no matter how busy he was and had time to answer questions, either through the phone or through emails, and I had more than a few questions. If you are looking for a extraordinary accountant look no further than Randy Larson, he truly is the best

    Danny Mior
  • My wife and I used them in 2016.  Great service and reasonable price.  Will definitely go back.

    Robert Iantria