Quickbooks Expertise

There are lots of accounting software options available available for small businesses. We have used most of them over the many years we have been in public practice. The most common software is Quickbooks, in which we have extensive training and experience, and have attained Certification status as Quickbooks Experts in the various desktop versions as well as Quickbooks Online.

Training & Support: Quickbooks Online & Desktop

We love training business owners and their staff how to use Quickbooks more effectively. We have found that one-on-one training works best, rather than having a formal course or a classroom approach. In this way, we can address specific concerns.

Quickbooks Setup

It is very important to invest the time to properly setup Quickbooks, or any accounting software. This most often includes:

  • Establishing the Chart of Accounts, an internal list of accounts to track sales, expenses, assets and liabilities
  • Creating items for the services and products that you sell
  • Setting up the appropriate sales taxes so that you can track GST & PST collected, as well as the GST paid on expenses, which can be claimed as a reduction in the amount of GST to be remitted to the CRA
  • Creating the payroll accounts and setting up employees.
  • Entering Opening Balances, based on the your latest financial statements.

This work can be done at any point in the year, but it is generally preferable to do so just after your fiscal year-end, or at a time of year when you are relatively less busy.

Accounting Software Conversions

Many of our new clients ask us to undertake or oversee the conversion of their financial records from one accounting software to another. This process must be carefully managed so that no data is lost, and the company can continue to process sales and expenses.

Call us today for advice on the relative merits of different accounting software packages, and to learn more about the conversion/transition process.