Job Costing

Job Costing and Time Tracking provide the critical financial information about your business. It tells you whether you are actually making money on any given job or project, so that you can review your bidding/pricing process, and consider ways of improving your bottom line on each job, which translates into better overall profitability.

We encounter many entrepreneurs who think they know exactly how much they are making. However, upon further examination, they have not considered labour costs, or an allocation of various overheads which are required to perform the job. If their books aren’t properly structured, they may not even be able to extract this information.

If you are able to track employee time, we can produce job costing reports that will tell you which clients, projects, employees, services or products are most profitable.

Imagine The Power Of Knowing:

  • If a certain client is just not worth keeping

  • If a service you provide actually costs you more than you make

  • If “that one employee is half as productive as another

This kind of insight allows you to continually monitor and move your entire operation towards increased profitability.

Focused time tracking service can work with any time tracking system, inside or outside of QuickBooks. If possible, we’ll automate and integrate your time tracking systems with your payroll provider information and produce your job costing reports.