Financial Reporting Services

Focused Financial Reporting Services provide entrepreneurs with the information they need to minimize risks and drive their business towards success.

Would you drive a car that had no speedometer … or gas gauge … or battery meter? These dials put you in touch with what is going on while you are driving, so that you can be safe and reach your destination without incident. This doesn’t mean that reading the dials will prevent an accident, but it does help you to manage your situation more intelligently. Do you agree?

The key is knowing which reports will help you make intelligent business decisions for your company. And to know that the financial data feeding the reports is accurate, up-to-date and properly accrued.

Financial Information Presented in an Understandable Way

We help you understand how to use reports to better run your business through our financial reporting and analysis services.

We’ll deliver your reports in a simple to read graphical format, showing exactly what you need to know to make informed financial decisions.

By having a team of professionals focused on delivering your reports, you get more discipline in the month-end closing process.

Fundamental Financial Information

We prepare all the standard weekly, monthly and quarterly financial reports as well as customized, advanced reports geared to your business and industry:

  • Profit & Loss

  • Balance Sheet

  • Accounts Receivables

  • Unpaid Supplier Invoices

  • Cash Flow Statements

Customized to Your Industry

We create customized financial reports that are geared to your industry and business. Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are highlighted in your Executive Dashboard.

Advanced Reports & Graphs

Our advanced reports can help you identify:

  1. Your most profitable clients
  2. Your most productive staff
  3. Which products or services you should be investing in

And how to manage productivity and customer satisfaction:

  1. Realization reports (revenue per hour worked)
  2. Utilization reports (% of time spent on billable time)
  3. Net Promoter scores (how happy your clients are)

A Depth of Experience

We’re not a professional accounting (CA, CGA or CPA) firm, but we have decades of experience managing the financial aspects of a variety of businesses. That means we know how to make the month-end adjustments needed to ensure your financial statements are accurate. And, our disciplined month-end closing processes ensure those reports are timely. Imagine, no more waiting for reports that arrive months too late to be actionable – and only give you company wide results – not reports that show the results of your operations.

We’ll deliver these reports at the end of each month and review them with you and anyone you designate.  You’ll have a monthly phone call  with a member of your dedicated team to make sure you keep your eye on the key metrics and to answer any questions.