Controllerhsip provides a whole new level of insights into what is happening within your business, with suggestions about strategies to increase growth and profitability, reduce risk and improve cash flow.

While many micro businesses can handle their own bookkeeping, they often rely on an external accountant to do their year-end taxes and provide some advice through-out the year.

As your business grows, the required level of financial sophistication increases. It becomes more important to have sound financial systems and procedures in place, including training of staff and the provision of ongoing support. The type of bookkeeping changes and management needs more details about revenue streams, expense controls, performance by department or location, to name a few.

At this interim stage, these growing businesses need guidance and financial savy, but they cannot afford a full time, in-house accountant. Instead, they consider outsourcing this role.

Part-Time Controllership or Chief Financial Officer

Focused Controllership Services are designed to complement your existing financial operations, including:

  • Supervision of your bookkeeping team

  • Ongoing training and support

  • Review and Implementation of robust financial systems and reporting

  • Accountability to the Owners and Management of the business

  • Working with External Accountants to ensure a smooth hand-over at year-end