Payroll Services

Focused Payroll Services take the headache out of payroll, making sure that your employees are paid on time, and all filings are done on time.

Are You Finally Ready to Take the Payroll Monkey Off Your Back Forever?

For most clients, delegating the payroll process to Focused Bookkeeping is a big relief. While we all value our clients, we may value our employees even more, and we want to take care of them. We want to make sure that they are paid on time, in the correct amount. On the face of it, this sounds simple, but it really isn’t. Focused Payroll Experts make sure that:

  • the payroll is set up properly for each employee

  • the correct source deductions are made and remitted to the CRA

  • vacation accruals are kept up-to-date

  • you have access to advice about your obligations as an employer

  • if someone leaves, a Record of Employment and final paycheque are prepared

  • the annual T4, T4A, and other mandatory reports are prepared and distributed on time

Common Concerns

• Ever made a mistake or missed a deadline on your payroll that cost you big money? (If so, you’re not alone: 1 in 3 companies has been charged with a payroll mistake, and the penalty averages hundreds of dollars.)
• Rather been anywhere but chained to your desk on Friday when you had to get the payroll out?
• Grown weary of calculating yet another last-minute termination check or other adjustment?
• Wondered when you’re going to fall behind in some new rule and get penalized for not complying with something you didn’t even know about?

If you said yes to any of these questions, it’s time to give your payroll headaches to the experts who actually like doing payroll: Focused Bookkeeping Ltd.

  • Randy does accounting and payroll for my small business. Probably the best thing I ever did for my business and my mind was to hire him. If not, I think it’s quite possible I would have gotten an brain aneurysm. The amount of time you spend not worrying about books and taxes and focusing on your business is invaluable. Hire this guy.

    Michael Norman, Green’s Moving Solutions Inc.
  • Randy Larson from Focused Bookkeeping has helped me tremendously over the last 2+ years with getting me organized and up-to-date with all my bookkeeping, payroll and filing company taxes. Also, he’s given me great ongoing strategic advice on business operations. I would still be lost if I didn’t have him and his team!

    Jenniffer Randhawa, Sundar Hair Inc. dba Blo Dry Bars

Focused Payroll Services

The good news is we have a full service payroll solution that we feel is superior for small business compared to many of the other options available in the marketplace. Some of the many benefits you’ll receive with our payroll solutions include:
• You can trust us with your confidential financial information; we have the system in place to handle the most sensitive company data.
• Our customer service representatives are trained accountants based in Canada and can answer your technical questions.
• We get to know your business so that we can become far more than compliance partners with payroll; we can help you manage related HR services such as benefits programs, recognition programs, training, and more.

Don’t get chained to the big chain payroll services

Feel free to compare us to the big name payroll services – you know them: ADP, Ceridien, Payworks, Paytrck– because our rates will come in lower every time. Plus our service is far more personal; we treat you like family. Or maybe better!

Compare us, but keep our phone number handy, because we bet you’ll be calling us back.

Tried those do-it-yourself websites?

The problem with doing it yourself is you don’t have access to the accounting and payroll expertise your company will benefit from. We can analyze your company’s unique situation and suggest the right solution for you and your employees. For example, one policy or procedure suggestion could make all the difference in back office expenses or cash flow.

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