Paperless Office

At Focused Bookkeeping, we are constantly looking for ways to achieve a paperless office, thereby leaving less of an imprint on our environment. There are other direct benefits, as well, including:

  • If you scan (digitize) your financial documents and email them to us or post them on our client portal, we get them more quickly, and can update your books more regularly
  • Having digital copies of documents makes the company more bullet-proof in the even of an audit by the Canada Revenue Agency. Please note that the CRA requires the original documents, but it has been our experience that they will consider a digital document is there is other substantiating evidence, such as payment through a bank account.
  • If you want to look up something, it is much faster to make a digital search than to work your way through piles of documents.

QuickBooks Attached Documents makes the paperless office a reality. It’s simple to use and provides quick access to all documents relating to your company’s finances from within your QuickBooks file.

Save time looking for files by attaching scanned receipts, estimates, spreadsheets and other documents to your QuickBooks list items and transactions. Access your attached documents directly from QuickBooks, store your files online, and share your files with anyone electronically.

Improve your business’s financial records management with QuickBooks Attached Documents.

  • Stay organized
  • Simple to use
  • Saves you and your CPA time looking for files or attachments
  • Access your attached documents anytime and securely share with anyone