Business Procedures & Policies

A common concern expressed by small business owners is that they don’t feel that they are in control of all aspects of their business. They want:

  • To get better organized.

  • To avoid costly errors

  • To know that their staff are doing the right things, without being micro-managed.

  • To work on their business, instead of “in” their business

  • To take a holiday every now and then, without worrying about the business!

Designing Systems That Work for Your Business

Our clients love their P&P Manuals – it helps them understand their financial world and drills down into the detail of day-to-day operations.

Your Focused Team will map out the financial workflow for your business and deliver a comprehensive financial procedures manual, including flow charts, screen grabs and day-to-day instructions so you and your Focused Team are always on the same page.

You’ll know what our role is and what your role is – it’s all in the P&P Manual. Your financial policies and procedures manual  includes comprehensive details of bookkeeping procedures such as how transactions will be processed; banking; credit cards; how invoices will be produced; how customers will be billed; reconciliations and what and when reports will be generated. Every detail is mapped and all financial processes and procedures are standardized.