Getting Organized

Most small business owners are very interested in getting organized, but they are not always clear on how to get started. We often hear entrepreneurs express a desire for more structure. They feel that they are running around “putting out fires” and they never seem to get ahead of the business. As Michael Gerber of the E-Myth would say, they are working in the business (as employees) rather than working on the business (as owners).

Establishing systems and procedures will:

  • ensure that your operations run more smoothly
  • improve your understanding of where things stand at any given time, including providing a clear picture of your finances
  • increase the possibility of taking a holiday now and then

It has been our experience that there is quite a difference between knowing how to run your business versus managing financial issues.

Common Concerns

  • I feel like I am reacting all the time. I want to get better organized so that I can get ahead of the various day–to-day issues and start working on my business instead of in my business (ref: The E-Myth by Michael Gerber)
  • I need a system that I can implement across my company to ensure that my employees do everything that I expect every time.
  • I need a system for managing all the paperwork, including the financial documents that are essential to my business
  • I want to get more control over my cash flow and profitability

Focused Solutions for Getting Organized

Hosting Quickbooks on a secure hosting service enables you to see what is happening anytime you like

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Supervision of your bookkeeping staff to ensure that everything is done properly.

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We will provide timely reports that illustrate where you stand, and reveal trends that you can act upon.

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Get the payroll monkey off your back. Save time and avoid late penalties and interest.

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