Cash Flow Management

Focused Cash Flow Management Services have been designed to illustrate where your cash is going, and what you can do about it.

Every entrepreneur cares deeply about this important aspect of managing a business. In fact, many small business owners focus exclusively on their cash position, e.g. bank balance, without realizing that there are many other factors that affect the financial health of the business.

Worried About Cash Flow?

Do any of the following descriptions sound familiar?

  • I never seem to know where I stand in terms of cash flow
  • Just when I think things are OK, my bank balance drops down again, or I am faced with an overdraft
  • I worry about having enough cash flow to meet payroll
  • I worry about having enough cash flow to pay taxes, i.e. payroll remittances, sales taxes and income taxes
  • I don’t know how to improve my situation

Cash flow drivers

  • The volume of sales

  • How fast you collect sales proceeds, including how fast you invoice customers and then collect from them

  • Profitability on these sales

  • The timing of payment to suppliers

  • Payment of taxes (payroll remittances, sales taxes, income taxes)

  • Investment in inventory

  • Capital expenditures

Focused Solutions for Better Cash Management

We will help you keep track of who you owe, and how to manage your cash more effectively

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We will help you to improve cash flow through more timely invoicing and collections Read more

There is no assurance your books are correct until the bank and credit card statements are reconciled. Read more

We will help you improve your cash flow, and understand where you stand now and in the future.

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Supervision of your bookkeeping staff to ensure that everything is done properly.

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We will provide timely reports that illustrate where you stand, and reveal trends that you can act upon.

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Randy does accounting and payroll for my small business. Probably the best thing I ever did for my business and my mind was to hire him. If not, I think it’s quite possible I would have gotten an brain aneurysm. The amount of time you spend not worrying about books and taxes and focusing on your business is invaluable. Hire this guy.

Michael Norman, Green’s Moving Solutions Inc.

Randy Larson from Focused Bookkeeping has helped me tremendously over the last 2+ years with getting me organized and up-to-date with all my bookkeeping, payroll and filing company taxes. Also, he’s given me great ongoing strategic advice on business operations. I would still be lost if I didn’t have him and his team!

Jenniffer Randhawa, Sundar Hair Inc. dba Blo Dry Bars

As a smaller company, we rely heavily on our accountant/IT support. When we made the decision to use Quickbooks Premier Contractors Edition we knew we would need a partner to help set up/train us on Quickbooks so there would be a seamless transfer from our old accounting system to Quickbooks. Randy Larson provided just that. He set up/installed QB for us/uploaded the accounting data/came in to train us and continues to be an ongoing support when situations arise that we need assistance with. Although QB is a very user friendly accounting system, having support when we need it has saved us a great deal of time and expense as we haven’t had to struggle throughout the learning process. We would certainly recommend Randy Larson to any company who is planning to use Quickbooks.

Sue-Anne Duncan of Huard Marble & Tile