Why Focused Bookkeeping?

Many new clients want to know why Focused Bookkeeping? Why should they change from their existing provider, and will the transition be easy or difficult.

  1. Focused offers the highest quality service because of the way your service is delivered – via a dedicated team of professionals that work together in a service center.
  2. Instead depending on one person, and having a single point of failure, you get a team of professionals that work together to make sure your books are accurate and delivered on time.

Get A Dedicated Team From Our Canadian Based Service Centre

Less Worry

  1. You get a dedicated team who knows your business and how to apply the financial rules to your books.  You get a second set of eyes on every financial report we deliver, without the cost of building and maintaining an in-house accounting department.
  2. You don’t have to worry that your accounting will suffering due to turnover, vacation, sick leave, maternity/paternity, or other paid time off.  Your whole team is trained on your account so they can step in as needed.
  3. You’ll reduce your risk for fraud by achieving separation of duties within your accounting functions, without adding staff to your payroll and office space. With disciplined processes and month-end closing processes in place, we reduce the chance for fraud, as well as increase the speed of detection should you be victimized by an employee.

 More Experience

  1. By working in dedicated teams, we can delegate most tasks to staff associates and bookkeepers because they are trained and work side-by-side with experienced senior associates.  That means we can deliver a higher quality product at a lower price than having one person do it all.
  2. Instead of relying on the experience, availability and technological know-how of a single staff person, you’ll have an entire team with access to additional expertise within our service centre.
  3. We’re not a professional accountancy firm, but our service centre is under the direction of a seasoned Chief Financial Officer who serve as escalation points for more complex issues.
  4. Since our services are based on fixed fee contracts – you get access to these experts at no additional cost.